Founder Message

The Three Pillars of Democracy are Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. The foundation of the Three Pillars was laid by the framers of the constitution in the very beginning itself. But when the above mentioned three pillars of democracy appeared to be faltering, at that time the nationalists and well-wishers of democracy gave the title of fourth pillar of democracy to the Media.

Because media is such a mirror that along with showing peoples their real face, it also spreads that method of theirs. Where good people are happy to see their face in the mirror of the media and guard the mirror in the desire to see their clean image wisely. So on the other hand, seeing their dirty and ugly picture in the same mirror, the evil, corrupt, dictatorial system tries to break this mirror. Anyway, the three pillars of democracy have financial shield, legal shield, and the shield of administrative powers for their protection.

But it is a matter of regret that the fourth pillar of media does not have any shield or power except the sympathy of the social workers with pure image. The media has to do its work on its own strength. That is why I formed Journalist & Media Association .

Pillars of Democracy


responsible for making and adoption of laws in the country. Parliament is a legislative body.


responsible for implementation of the laws in the country. Prime Minister’s Cabinet and Government Ministries are executive bodies.


responsible for interpretation and application of the laws. By that Judiciary keeps the other two pillars in check and prevents misuse of political power. Courts are judiciary bodies.


responsible for controlling the activities of other pillars and keeping the public informed about them. It represent the eyes and ears of general public.

While doing good to others, the journalist has become so engrossed in social service and philanthropy that he has forgotten himself.

While teaching the lesson of solidarity to others, the journalist himself has been divided into small-big, print-electronic, weekly, monthly-daily, regional-national, besides bureau chief-editor, local-district and tehsil in-charge etc. While the work is the same for all! Philanthropy, journalism, social service.

As you know, by telling the distinction of communalism, religion-caste black and white in India by the British government, we had established our power by dividing amongst the Indians and made us their slaves. On the same lines, today the corrupt, goonda-mafia, anti-social people are making our owls straight by taking advantage of the mutual division of journalists. Those who make a daily newspaper reporter sit with him and drink tea, are fighting from one journalist to another by telling the journalist of the weekly news to be fake.

The journalist of the TV channel is called as a journalist with big media and the journalist of the newspaper is said to be fake and useless and in the same way the conspirators are exploiting the journalists.
Even if now we are unable to unite by recognizing our powers, then understand that only the custodians of the country will sell the country, the corrupt will be successful in their conspiracies. Let unite against all odds and fight against it and move the country forward.

In order to provide justice to others, the journalist, who has made the society aware by exposing the corrupt and daft mafia, is forced to wander on his own.

  • The journalist who saved others from false cases is getting entangled in false cases against himself.
  • The journalist, who saves the society from the conspiracy by exposing the criminal conspiracy, is himself a victim of the conspiracy.
  • The journalist, who saves the shame of the sister daughters of others, is proving incapable of protecting his own sister & daughters.
  • The journalist who warns against the touts who cheat from the society, today himself has started being called a broker.
  • The journalist, who teaches the lesson of unity and integrity to others, has started to isolate himself.
  • Only the journalist who stopped the killings of others with his intelligence is being murdered.

Journalist & Media Association Welcomes You All.

Note- If any journalist  is being threatened by corrupt or anti-social elements or any conspiracy is being done, then immediately inform us. We will be with you in your fight. Don’t feel alone anymore.

Your well-wisher
Vysakh Suresh
National President
Journalist & Media Association (JMA)