Why Join Us

The most well-known benefit is networking, which can help foster lifelong friendships and connections that will have a positive influence even outside your journalism career. Being part of JMA lets you network with other media and writing professionals. Not only does the association provide opportunities to learn from others, it can also foster ways to discuss the profession, career paths, tips & tricks, and the state of the industry. Through the association, a professional journalist can learn how to overcome the unique challenges the industry is facing in the 21st century, like the constantly changing media landscape.

You get to learn more about the latest stories and big news from members of your association. Staying informed and ahead of news trends can help with story creation. You can even access exclusive databases from some journalism associations, which can aid you when ideating and writing stories.

Being a member of JMA gives you an ultimate exposure in networking, to self-discovery, to story ideas and access to training, the benefits of joining in JMA are plenty.

Access to Training

Journalist and Media Associations (JMA) offer training, workshops, guides, and other resources that are only available to members, or available to members at a special discounted rate. JMA offers a free training webinar, covering tops such as election advertising, advertising budget-busters, tackling social media and more.


Being mentored by a more experienced journalist can be very helpful as you take your first steps in your career. And if you’re a more experienced journalist, you can become an integral part of our Journalist and Media Association (JMA) community, and mentor those who are new to the industry.

Job Opportunities

JMA is also a great way to find jobs and opportunities which may otherwise be hard to find. With JMA membership, you will also connect with journalists from around the country. This is critical, since many journalists move between jobs and cities, and an opportunity can be waiting in a completely different state.

Stay on Trends

Journalist and Media Associations have their own members-only publications with exclusive content that can help you stay updated on industry trends and changes. Discussions with other journalists with varying backgrounds and levels of experience can also help you learn more about what’s to come in your career and industry.

Know the benefits of joining Journalist & Media Association (JMA)

From mentorship to job opportunities, to updates on industry trends, training courses and more, joining on Journalist & Media Association has a lot of benefits. Make sure you understand how you can benefit from joining – and keep the above considerations in mind when choosing the right association for you. If you join, it will be sure to have a positive impact at any point in your career.