JMA represents the Journalist & Medias JMA is trying to improve the standard and working conditions of journalists around India. About Association JMA gives you an ultimate exposure To updates on industry trends, training courses and more, joining on JMA has a lot of benefits. Why Join Us

Why Choose Us

Access to Training

Journalist and Media Associations (JMA) offer training, workshops, guides, and other resources that are only available to members, or available to members at a special discounted rate. JMA offers a free training webinar, covering tops such as election advertising, advertising budget-busters, tackling social media and more.


Being mentored by a more experienced journalist can be very helpful as you take your first steps in your career. And if you’re a more experienced journalist, you can become an integral part of our Journalist and Media Association (JMA) community, and mentor those who are new to the industry.

Stay on Trends

Journalist and Media Associations have their own members-only publications with exclusive content that can help you stay updated on industry trends and changes. Discussions with other journalists with varying backgrounds and levels of experience can also help you learn more about what’s to come in your career and industry.

Know the benefits of joining Journalist & Media Association (JMA)

From mentorship to job opportunities, to updates on industry trends, training courses and more, joining on Journalist & Media Association has a lot of benefits. Make sure you understand how you can benefit from joining – and keep the above considerations in mind when choosing the right association for you. If you join, it will be sure to have a positive impact at any point in your career.

Pillars of Democracy


The Three Pillars of Democracy are Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. The foundation of the Three Pillars was laid by the framers of the constitution in the very beginning itself. But when the above mentioned three pillars of democracy appeared to be faltering, at that time the nationalists and well-wishers of democracy gave the title of fourth pillar of democracy to the Media.


responsible for making and adoption of laws in the country. Parliament is a legislative body.


responsible for implementation of the laws in the country. Prime Minister’s Cabinet and Government Ministries are executive bodies.


responsible for interpretation and application of the laws. By that Judiciary keeps the other two pillars in check and prevents misuse of political power. Courts are judiciary bodies.


responsible for controlling the activities of other pillars and keeping the public informed about them. It represent the eyes and ears of general public.

About us

JMA is a non-profit organization that provides a networking and resource forum for journalists of Indian origin which covers Print, Broadcasting & Digital media. The Association presents Annual Awards honoring the works in Print, Broadcast and New Media Outlets, in categories including outstanding story, Video, photography etc on any subject by an Indian Journalist.

We will be Organizing seminars time to time to raise the standards of journalists. JMA serves humanity by encouraging young people to consider journalism as a career, developing managers in the media industry.


The applicant should be over 18 years of age, working in visual media, cartoonists, freelance media personalities, photojournalists, etc. can become members subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

The applicant should fill the application form and pay Rs.1000 / as Admission Fee and Rs.25 / – as monthly surcharge. If the monthly dues are paid in one go, he can continue to be a member again with the approval of the committee.

It is the duty of the members to attend all public meetings.